Breitling has just presented a beautiful version of its iconic Navitimer Cosmonaute, which arrives this year fully clothed in black model: the Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel. A watch with a 43 mm case with manual calibre chrono/date manufacture B02 which rotates in 24 hours. Limited to 1000 copies for the world series.

After having celebrated the 50th anniversary of his baptism the air in 2012, the Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute continues his Odyssey in a new version with this year, a (43 mm) black steel case obtained by coating high resistance carbon based. The dial and the chronograph counters display the same black color, enhanced by luminous indications and small red needles.

Caliber manufacture B02, certified chronometer by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel chronometers Switzerland), present two faithful to the original omega replica watches model features: manual winding system and a 24-hour display. On the other hand, the famous the Navitimer circular slide rule to perform wrist all operations related to air navigation. The serious bottom features the official insignia of the Aurora 7 mission. Edited at 1,000 numbered copies, the Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel focuses on a black rubber strap.

Beginning in the late 1960s. The time is in the conquest of space. The Americans launched the Mercury program, aimed at developing human spaceflight. They are looking for a chronograph efficient, precise and reliable, able to withstand conditions outsized. It is natural that they turn to Breitling, the "official supplier to world aviation" and a privileged partner of the heyday of aeronautics.

The Navitimer, fetish pilots watch, created in 1952, with its famous circular slide rule allowing to perform all operations related to air navigation, stands out as the ideal instrument for this challenge. It undergoes all the tests successfully.

It is therefore based on the mythical chronograph Navitimer Breitling technicians develop the Cosmonaut, a "space" version of this instrument indicating the 24 hours of the day on a single spin of the dial. The hour's reading demand a little time to adapt this specificity gives charm to the Cosmonaut.

Why a 24 h display? In fact, in space, the concept of day and night is very relative; This Panerai replica configuration permits so don't confuse noon and midnight (it is also the case of the Explorer 2 at Rolex that offers a 24 h indication cavers face below ground for the same spatio-temporal problems).

May 24, 1962, Lt Commander Scott Carpenter made three orbits around the Earth aboard Aurora 7. On his wrist, this famous Navitimer with the 24-hour scale. This Breitling chronograph became the first instrument of wrist to share the conquest of space. This pioneer of the conquest of space very quickly enters the brand known as Cosmonaut's collections.

Richard Mille continues the development of its watches of drivers with the arrival of this ultra-technical exception model: RM 39-01 automatic Aviation E6 - B. An imposing timepiece combining aeronautical materials with a caliber designed as a tool for navigation in flight.

For this new model, materials such as titanium, carbon nanofiber, the Orthorhombic titanium Aluminide, the ARCAP or even tungsten carbide were introduced within the Richard Mille collection, leaving the world of Aeronautics to join to watch...

More concretely, RM 39-01 is the direct descendant of the RM 039 Aviation, a tourbillon flyback ultra complex calibre not less than 1000 components! The movement of the RM 39-01 is designed as a tool for navigation in flight. This watch looks even as "a modern interpretation of an indispensable tool for any pilot confirmed: the rule for calculating E6 - B, invented in the United States by lieutenant Philippe Dalton in the 1930s.

It should be noted that rule E6 - B consists of a fixed bezel and a bi-directional rotating bezel, both marked several complex indications. It can read, calculate fuel consumption, the time of flights, the ground, the density altitude, the influence of wind speed and quickly convert units of measurements (Naut/miles/Gallons/Liters/Feet/KG/LBS). This bezel, extremely technical, asked many months of study to provide an easy adjustment and optimum visibility of these individual calculations and results.

In this spirit, RM 39-01 allows drivers to benefit from a fast and convenient device lorsqu´ils should timing successively different durations in different directions. They can meet, without wasting time, the top departure of the signals emitted by radio beacons without resorting to a multitude of manipulations. Thus, during the flight preparation, the E6 - B rule remains the most accurate tool to determine fuel consumption necessary and (essential for take-off and landing) density altitude. "E6 - B rule requires no power source and makes it an extremely safe instrument flight for pilots, even nowadays" ensures the brand in its release.

The automatic calibre RMAC2 that beats at the heart of the RM 39 - 01 has a UTC function, of a timer, a flyback Chronograph, a date oversized 12: 00, the display of the month and a rotor with variable geometry, nearly 620 components and 62 rubies for a 50-hour power reserve. A specific mechanism of locking functions adds to this caliber. To avoid any accidental start-up of the chronograph in flight, the Richard Mille House used a Crown blocking condemning by a simple rotation of the ring, push buttons and the Crown. Green and Red index indicate if it is disabled, or in function.